Simon Event Management

It is with extreme sadness that the family and employees of Kelly Simon, the heart and soul of Simon Event Management, announce that Kelly passed away in November. The company will not continue without her; therefore, Kelly Simon Event Management no longer exists.

On behalf of Kelly we express profound thanks to the multitude of local and national vendors who supported her.  We also thank the Western PA community, the regional and national businesses and residents who faithfully participated as vendors and as attendees to these trade shows and events through her company’s 38 years.  She was extremely proud and happy to present these shows and found joy in having people come together to promote their businesses. Their unique activities, entertainment, variety of special interests, and hobbies resulted in invaluable person-to-person contact and camaraderie for continued success.

For those of you who planned to be vendors or attendees at the annual Fire & EMS show, we are pleased to announce that a Fire & EMS show will now be presented by Stephanie Katofsky of Gratzieventures. Stephanie and her family were integral contributors and participants in Kelly’s Fire & EMS Expo throughout its 33 year history. For further information, please contact Stephanie’s office at 412-580-2486 or by email at


My Father, My Hero And Mentor, Jack Simon
August 12, 1936 - June 25, 2010
Too Young To Leave Us So Early And Dearly Missed

My Grandmother, Clara "Nunny" Franceschini
August 10, 1914 - August 10, 2015
101 Years Young



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